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AviaAM Leasing initiates the celebration of Global Leasing Day

Celebrating 10 years of successful operations, AviaAM Leasing, a Warsaw Stock Exchange listed aircraft leasing company, has initiated the celebration of Global Leasing Day. Aimed to honor millions of industry’s professionals on globe, the 9th of November has been officially announced as Global Leasing Day.

13th of September – Programmers Day, 5th of October – World Teachers Day, 12th of May – International Nurses Day… Each and every year, millions of various industry specialists celebrate their professional days to praise their role in the market. Surprisingly, until today, not a single day has been dedicated to esteem leasing specialists and worship their enormous impact.

Aviation and finance community engaged in leasing business unites 6,2 million of professionals on globe. People working in the aviation and finance create a huge direct value to the entire industry by facilitating access to greater amount of locations across the world every year.

“Aircraft leasing industry generates an annual turnover of over USD 746 billion. Thus the impact market specialists make is huge: they ensure the growth of the air transport on individual air carrier’s, country’s or even region’s base. In addition, I am extremely proud that being small enough, we, AviaAM Leasing, are apparently large enough to unite our colleagues all around and at the same time make our anniversary count,” comments Tadas Goberis, CEO and Chairman of the Board at AviaAM Leasing

Within the last two weeks, more than 23 600 individuals expressed their willingness to make the day official celebration all around the world.

The initiator of Global Leasing Day – AviaAM Leasing – is ranked amongst world’s TOP50 leasing enterprises according to AirFinance Journal. Over the decade of activities, the company has executed over 100 transactions and owned, as well as managed a fleet of more than 40 aircraft. Specializing in mainline narrow-body aircraft and high-potential regional jets, AviaAM Leasing performs large-scale leasing project all around the globe.

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